“Lifeline to Victory” by Don Stivers




Framed Original Limited Edition print signed by the artist and numbered 312 of 500.

Labeled:  “Lifeline to Victory” – Between Catlett and Fairfax Station October 13-15, 1863

Chief Quartermaster for the Second Corps, Lt. Col. Richard Batchelder was tasked with seeing that 4,000 six-mule wagons filled with supplies reached their destination.  Repelling Confederate raider John Mosby’s guerrillas at every turn, his gallant efforts won him a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Print is adorned with a depiction of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps Crest and the Civil War era design of the Congressional Medal of Honor.


Image:  18″ x 11″

Frame: 36″ x 28″

Market Value:  $800.00 (Don Stivers Studio)

Frame Value:  $250.00

Total Value:  $1,050.00

Sale Price:  $840.00

Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity

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